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Making a Report to the OIG

NARA OIG serves to anticipate, prevent, identify, and address matters of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement related to NARA programs and operations.  NARA OIG maintains a Hotline through which individuals may report suspected fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or circumstances that affect, appear to affect, or potentially affect matters related to NARA programs, activities, and contractor operations. 

How Does the Hotline Work?

Every report we receive is important, however, not every submission results in an investigation. Due to the volume of complaints we receive, it is not possible to contact every complainant. However, hotline tips are incredibly valuable, and we appreciate your efforts to help us root out fraud, waste, and abuse. NARA OIG will create a record of each contact, and OIG staff carefully review each allegation to determine whether an investigation or other action can be pursued. We will contact you for additional information, if needed. In cases where the allegations are not within the purview of the NARA OIG or NARA, we will make an effort to redirect the matter to the appropriate entity, but do not accept responsibility for making correct determinations of where the allegations should best be reported, or for getting the allegations there:  it is the complainant’s responsibility to determine and to report to the correct reporting entity.


The Inspector General Act of 1978 prohibits the OIG from disclosing the identity of any individual making a report of waste, fraud, and abuse through this Website without the consent of the individual, unless the Inspector General determines that such a disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation. Individuals reporting fraud, waste, or abuse through this Website are not required to provide personally identifying information. However, the OIG may be limited in its ability to fully evaluate the allegations submitted if they are submitted anonymously and the OIG is unable to follow up with additional questions.
Also, when persons use the Hotline to seek help accessing records or reporting the problems they encounter accessing records, these are often not making reports of fraud, waste or abuse in the traditional sense. These issues are generally best solved by placing the person in contact with appropriate officials who can effectively solve the problem. Thus the OIG does not consider helping these individuals an investigation, and their information may be shared with officials who can help them.
An individual who contacts NARA OIG Hotline via the website can report information openly, confidentially, or anonymously.

  • Open reporting:  You voluntarily provide us your identifying information (name, address, etc.) when filing the online submission form.  You consent to disclosure of your identity as necessary for the OIG to evaluate and take action on the complaint.
  • Confidential reporting:  You provide us your identifying information (name, address, etc.) when filing the online submission form, but request that we not disclose your identity outside of the NARA OIG.  The OIG will evaluate and take action on the complaint to the extent possible without disclosure of your identity. However, the Inspector General may determine that disclosure of your identity is unavoidable during the course of the investigation, or we may be required by law or court order to disclose your identity.
  • Anonymous reporting: You opt not to provide any identifying information (name, address, etc.) in the online submission complaint. The OIG will not have knowledge of your identity and therefore will not disclose your identity.  You acknowledge that anonymous reporting may limit the ability of the OIG to evaluate and take action on the complaint. Choosing to remain anonymous may hinder our ability to fully investigate complaints. 

How Do I contact the OIG Hotline?

  • Contact the OIG Hotline 
    Use our Online Complaint Form
  • Contact the OIG by mail
    Office of Inspector General
    National Archives and Records Administration
    8601 Adelphi Road, Room 2800
    College Park, MD 20740-6001
  • Contact the OIG by telephone and FAX
    Telephone: 301-837-3000
    FAX: 301-837-3197
  • Contractor Reporting
    Disclosures and/or supporting documentation can be submitted via the online Contractor Reporting Form. (Use this form only if you are a past or present Contractor)

    Disclosures and/or supporting documentation can also be mailed to:
    NARA Office of Inspector General
    Attn: Contractor Disclosure
    8601 Adelphi Road, Suite 2800
    College Park, MD 20740-6001