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What to Report, What Not to Report

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Office of Inspector General (OIG), serves to anticipate, prevent, identify, and address matters of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement related to NARA.  If you are aware of anything related to waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement at NARA, please contact us.  However, please remember we only investigate matters related to NARA’s programs and operations. 

The OIG Hotline (the Hotline) is a one-way information conduit for reporting wrongdoing by NARA, or circumstances that affect, appear to affect, or potentially affect NARA personnel, programs, funds, installations, property, operations, or security.  However, classified and otherwise safeguarded information may not be submitted via the Hotline.  If you wish to report suspected waste, fraud, abuse or misconduct that relates to classified or safeguarded information, please contact the Hotline via telephone (1-800-786-2551) so that arrangements can be made for secure transmission.  Do not include classified or safeguarded information when you contact the Hotline. 

The Hotline is not a Help Desk or customer service resource, and should not be used to report matters which the OIG does not oversee or investigate.  In particular, the OIG is not able to: 

  • l forward mail intended for other bureaus or agencies 
  • l respond to research requests 
  • l respond to routine customer service inquiries or complaints regarding other bureaus or agencies 
  • l perform adjudications or offer mediation services 
  • l make determinations of legal sufficiency, offer legal counsel, interpret the law, or offer representation 
  • l provide victim assistance, guidance, referrals, or compensation 
  • l authenticate documents 
  • l interpret, approve, or enforce contracts 
  • l act as an appellate authority (e.g., for contracts or Freedom of Information Act FOIA) 
  • l police or otherwise regulate the internet or telephone utilities (e.g., blocking advertisements, phishing attempts, fraudulent telephone calls, or otherwise harassing electronic media) 
  • l oversee the daily operations or staff of NARA units 
  • l intervene in general labor relations disputes 
  • l contest or adjudicate ordinary exercises of managerial discretion 
  • l attempt to repair interpersonal relationships in the workplace 
  • l have a role in the Equal Employment Opportunity complaint process