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Audit of Controls over Loans of NARA Holdings

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Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)
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Funds for Better Use


Establish a centralized mechanism to track loans, including the status of the loan (open, closed, and overdue) and related actions.

Establish review and monitoring standards for loans and report the results of those activities.

Ensure Research Services and Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services report overdue loans as required.

Identify all overdue loans. Determine the actions needed for recovery of the loaned holdings, including consulting with the OIG. If recovery is not pursued, document the decision and reasons.

Establish standardized procedures for determining values of loaned holdings being loaned for exhibition purposes, including the source of the values and documentation requirements.

Consider updating NARA 1612, Exhibition Loans and Traveling Exhibits, to include policies requiring initial and periodic inspections of borrowing institutions.

Review, update, and implement revised policies and procedures related to the loan program including, NARA 1572, Preventing Theft and Vandalism of NARA Holdings in NARA Facilities, NARA 1611, Loans of Archival Holdings to Federal Originators, NARA 1611...

Ensure current Research Services and Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services employees are familiar with and properly trained on the updated loan program.

Ensure NARA coordinates with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Central Imagery Office, and United States Geological Survey, to review, cancel, update, or create a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Declassified Imagery Transition, or other...