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Audit of NARA's Personnel Security and Suitability Program

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)


Review, update, and implement revised NARA Directive 273, Administrative Procedures for Security Clearances, NARA Directive 273 Supplement, Supplement Administrative Procedures Related to Security Clearances and Applicant and Employee Rights, NARA...

Ensure all Security Management Personnel Security staff is familiar with updated policies.

Develop and implement standard operating procedures for: position risk designations; access requirements for federal employees; background investigations; suitability and security clearance determinations; granting, suspending, or revoking security...

Establish standards and procedures for the Personnel Security Program to ensure re-investigations, pre-screening, and follow-up on submitted investigations are completed timely.

Establish management oversight of the adjudication process, including more stringent review of serious adjudication issues with associated signoffs and documentation requirements.

Implement standard timeframes to complete adjudications.

The Executive for Business Support Services ensure all active NARA employees and contractor files are scanned into Security Clearance Tracking System.

The Executive for Business Support Services establish standards and review procedures over the entry of information into Security Clearance Tracking System fields to ensure consistency and accuracy.

The Executive for Business Support Services ensure all Security Clearance Tracking System data fields are complete and accurate for active employees.

The Executive for Business Support Services and Chief Human Capital Officer reconcile Federal Personnel Payroll System and Security Clearance Tracking System position sensitivity ratings to ensure the two systems accurately reflect the proper sensitivity...

The Chief Human Capital Officer, in collaboration with Business Support Services, review discrepancies in position sensitivity ratings based on the reconciliation of Federal Personnel Payroll System and Security Clearance Tracking System data, and take...