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Audit of NARA's Preservation Program: NARA Archival Facilities

Report Information

Date Issued
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Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


The Chief Operating Officer should ensure PMRS is updated to accurately reflect percentage of archival holdings in appropriate space.

The Chief Operating Officer should ensure a plan is developed, including a timeline, for when the archival storage facility reviews will be completed.  As a part of the reviews, identify facilities with (1) areas of non­-compliance, associated costs,...

The Chief Operating Officer should ensure resources needed to make all archival storage facilities compliant by 2016 are identified.  If the facility cannot be brought into conformance with the Standards, determine and document what mitigating actions...

The Chief Operating Officer should ensure A comprehensive review of the Standards is completed.  Additionally, roles and responsibilities for offices involved in the execution of the directive are clearly defined.

The Chief Operating Officer should ensure an accurate listing of facilities currently non-compliant with the Standards, along with the area of deficiencies is identified and communicated.