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Audit of NARA's Procurement Program

Report Information

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NARA OIG performed this audit to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of NARA's procurement program in acquiring goods and services.
Joint Report
Agency Wide
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Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


CAO formally appoint a SPE and procurement officials who are authorized to approve warrants over $100,000,000 and approve warrant for construction and architectural-engineering services contracting officers.

Competition Advocate, in collaborations with the CAO, develop and implement procedures to promote the acquisition of commercial items and report annually new initiatives to the CAO and SPE.

The CAO develop and implement procedures to ensure contracting offices in BCN and BFS report all contract related activity to the SPE.

CAO ensure NARA 501 NARA Procurement policy and NARA’s General Acquisition Policy addresses procurements related to Architecture/Engineering and Construction.

CAO, in collaboration with CFO, Director of Acquisitions, and program managers, develop and implement procedures for proper planning of new contracts with NARA funds.

CAO develop and implement procedures to ensure contracts are evaluated to identify contracts that are wasteful, inefficient, or unlikely to meet NARA needs.

CAO and SPE develop and implement test plans and procedures to assess internal control over acquisition activities and programs using OMB Memorandum, Conducting Acquisition Assessments.

CAO modify procedures to ensure all contracting activity, including Architecture/ Engineering, construction services are included in random selections for internal control reviews.

CAO include CO’s who are not GS1102’s, COR’s and P/PM’s in the internal control program test plan.

CAO establish various performance metrics to be tracked and analyzed on how long the acquisition takes, where delays occur and why delays occur.

CAO develop and implement meaningful and measurable performance metrics to continually assess the performance of the acquisition function in supporting NARA’s mission and achieving acquisition goals.

CAO ensure NARA 501 NARA Procurement policy include guidance to program offices on their responsibilities in the procurement process.

CAO assess staffing needs for NARA’s Procurement Program to ensure the procurement program has sufficient staff to maintain effective, efficient operations and adhere to Federal and internal guidance.

ACM ensure NARA Certification for Program and Project Managers Applications are signed by the Deputy Archivist in accordance with NARA policy and maintained.

CAO ensure all contracting officers, regardless of their government series, be certified at an appropriate level; and any contracting professional issued an unlimited warrant be level III certified.

CAO establish and implement procedures for potential administrative or disciplinary actions for contracting officers, and contracting officer representatives, and other contracting professionals that do not have their FAC certifications or continuous...