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Audit of NARA's Records Disposal Processes

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Develop a plan to reduce NARA’s internal physical disposal backlog.

Develop a strategy to work with Federal agencies to reduce the eligible disposal backlog.

Develop a plan to rectify Records Transmittal and Receipt, SF-135, attachment issues at the WNRC.

Review policies and procedures and determine which internal stakeholders, including the IG, should be notified and revise policies and procedures as necessary.

Prioritize creation of DEER and DCR Audit Reports under the ARCIS contract.

Implement timeframes for completion of disposal documentation packages.

Develop a plan to transition disposal documentation to fully electronic recordkeeping.

Develop a strategy to transition agencies to use the ARCIS Customer Portal Disposition Module.

Develop and implement an ARCIS internal user manual.

Revise procedures to strengthen controls over quarterly disposal audits.

Develop a strategy to conduct more frequent virtual oversight program review activities.

Implement procedures requiring the results of program reviews to be shared with all FRCs.

Implement procedures for FRCs to certify their review of shared program review results and efforts made to remediate any deficiencies.