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Audit of NARA's Travel Card Program

Report Information

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Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Enhance monitoring controls of travel card accounts, to include but not be limited to (1) activating, closing, and reducing spending levels of travel cards timely and (2) timely identification of delinquencies and when warranted suspension or...

Develop and implement a methodology for Accounting Policy and Operations Branch to review an appropriate number of travel authorizations and vouchers for all NARA locations.

Review unreimbursed official travel conference expenses identified during the audit and reimburse those employees for eligible expenses.

Enhance procedures for quarterly travel audits, to include but not limited to (1) timing of the audits; (2) formal communication of results and recommendations; and (3) formalized training, especially when there are repetitive findings.

Review, update, and implement revised NARA 601, NARA Travel Policy, and NARA Travel Card Management Plan to reflect current practices, and the current versions of Federal Travel Regulation and Appendix B to OMB A-123, A Risk Management Framework for...

Develop and implement standard operating travel procedures for XA, reviewers, and approving officials for the review and approval of travel authorizations and vouchers.

Develop and implement formal training for reviewers and approving officials for the review of travel authorizations and vouchers.

Develop and implement monitoring procedures for travel card refresher training.