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NARA’s Oversight and Management of Information Technology Contracts

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Joint Report
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Ensure the CAO's delegated responsibilities and authorities as outlined in NARA Directive 101, NARA Organization and Delegation of Authority, are reflected in the CAO's position description and performance plan.

Ensure the Chief Acquisition Officer is adequately positioned to regularly engage with NARA’s Management Team and senior management in order to advise and assist the agency head and other agency officials to ensure the mission of the agency is achieved...

Establish and document an acquisition workforce strategic plan to address achieving the objectives of key acquisition positions.

Issue written guidance that requires appointment of Contracting Officer’s Representatives with Level III certification for those contracts with major IT investments.

Establish an appointment matrix to ensure consistent identification and assessment of risks for IT contracts.

Issue written guidance to Contracting Officers that requires use of the appointment matrix established in Recommendation 5 when determining the appropriate Contracting Officer’s Representative certification level.

Revise Interim Guidance 810-2, NARA’s Implementation of Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers in accordance with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Revisions to Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project...